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hearts_2gether's Journal

I :heart: you
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Home is where the heart is. This is a place for my love and I to share our thoughts with each other. A place for as much gushy love stuff as we care to dish out.

After being merely friends for a year and a half, the day came when the stars aligned, the tides turned, and the love bird sang its song. Two souls opened doors and walked right into each others hearts. That day was Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2006. The beginning...of the beginning.

We fell so quickly we delayed proclaiming feelings of love until it just could not be held back anymore. Instead we initially chose to say the sweet and safe words..."I :heart: you".

Here's to being together forever baby! And someday sitting in our porch swing overlooking the mountains. Two old folks wrapped in each others arms and wrapped in love. Looking at each other...with deep eyes....simply saying...

"I :heart: you".